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Slayer - Jihad

intermezzo: Dulu kala saat masih sangat mentah terdistorsi..saya sangat suka sekali musik bising dari grup thrash ini, Slayer.. Beberapa lagunya, asyik manjakan emosi dan amarah yg meluap, apalagi soundnya. Namun,,, seiring berjalannya waktu, tidaklah lagi seperti itu. Sepertinya apa yg mereka tulis, apa yg mereka mainkan sangat menyakitkan perasaan bagi yang berkeyakinan. Kadang terpkir, bukankah mereka juga ingin di hargai? Kenapa harus melewati batasan-batasan dan akhirnya sangat melukai? Sepertinya kafir tetatplah kafir...walaupun zimmi...apalagi yang harbi.
Lalu, kafir yg manakah yang ini? Coba saja nilai sendiri dari lirik lagunya yg berjudul Jihad.
Baca di bawah ini.
Slayer - Jihad
I have witnessed your death
I've seen it many times
Your tortured screams
Your decrypted little mind
A father's son
With pathetic eyes that bleed
Twins in the end
Begin and let the brothers fall
I will see you buried alive
Screaming for your God
I will watch you die again for him
God won't touch what I've done
He cries upon my feet
A privilege pain
Beneath buried are your dead
On splintered bones, I walk
Shifting through the blood
Besieged in fear
Await the coming of the God
I will watch you die again for him
Blood is raining downward
The stain reflects the sun
Conquer divide within
Terrorize the mind
I have seen the end, it's yours
Rosary in hand
Your selfish flesh, it melts
Spilling from the sky
I will see you burn alive
Screaming for your God
I will watch you die
This is God's war
God's war
This is God's war
God's war
War of holy principles
I'm seeking God's help in your destruction
Slit the throat of heathen man
And let his blood dilute the water
Bury your dead
Fuck your God, erase His name
A lady weeps insane with sorrow
I'll take his towers from the world
You're fucking raped upon your deathbed
This is God's war
God's war
This is God's war
God's war
Fucking holy war
Be optimistic, happy and calm
Show no fear or anxiety
Smile at the face of God
And your reward will be eternity
Holy warriors
Your patience will be justified
Everything is for Him
You must not comfort the animal
Before you kill it
Strike as champions
At the heart of the nonbelievers
Strike above the neck
And at all extremities
For it's a point of no return
For Almighty God, God will give victory
To His faithful servant
When you reach ground zero
You will have killed the enemy
The great Satan
Live in Nürbrugring, Germany 05.06.2010. * Kerry King - Guitar. * Jeff Hanneman - Guitar. * Tom Araya - Vocals, Bass. * Dave Lombardo - Drums. Lyrics/Letras: I have witnessed your death I've seen it many times Your tortured screams Your decrypted little mind A father's son With pathetic eyes that bleed Twins in the endBegin and let the brothe...


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